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Senior Informatica / Talend / ETL / Data Warehouse Resume | David Hubbard
1-303-349-9064 dh@dh11.com
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Senior Level ETL / Data Warehouse / Informatica / Talend / Architect


David Hubbard 1-303-349-9064 dh@dh11.com


Experience Summary

25+ years of software architecture and development experience including:


  • Data warehouse architecture, in both Kimball and Inmon styles.
  • Data Modeling using a variety of popular ERD tools.
  • Database and table design and implementation for data warehouse and related ETL processes.
  • ETL architecture.
  • Full software life cycle development across numerous software and hardware platforms in a variety of industries.
  • Analysis, design, development, and implementation of data warehouse, ETL, client/server, and mainframe transactional applications.
  • 10+ years Informatica experience including Version 8.6.
  • Structured and iterative data warehouse and application development lifecycle methodologies.
  • Production and development Oracle (11i), Sybase, Informix and DB2 (UDB) database administration.
  • Internal infrastructure improvement and knowledge management analysis.

Technical Experience

Tools: Informatica PowerCenter  (versions 1 – 8), , Talend,

Power Designer, Brio Query and Enterprise Server, ERWin, Microsoft Office Toolset, Visio, Oracle Designer, Erwin

Operating Systems: UNIX (Sun Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Linux), Windows NT/2000
Databases: Oracle 7, 8, 8i, 9i , 10g database/associated tools/Oracle Enterprise Manager, Teradata, DB2 UDB EE/EEE, Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ,  Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Flat file systems, MYSQL
Languages: SQL, PL/SQL , TSQL, UNIX shell scripts , COBOL, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, C, C++
Industries: Finance, Telecommunications, Cable, Government, Manufacturing, Banking


As an ETL consultant designed and created 200+ mappings/sessions/workflows to move data from source to reporting data warehouse for complex Cognos Business Intelligence project in credit card processing industry. Used Informatica in MS Window 2008 / SQL Server 2008 environment. Created standard and best practices for Talend ETL components and jobs.

Echostar ( July 2006 – April 2009 )

As an Informatica consultant streamlined and tuned accounting related ETL to be more efficient using Teradata, Oracle and SQL Server databases. Processing time for the accounting close period was reduced from 80 hours to 48 hours. Assist others in maximizing the use of Informatica in ETL processes.

Jeppesen ( Jan 2007 – April 2007 )

As an Informatica consultant designed and implemented performance improvement changes to nightly ETL processes using Informatica and Sybase and Oracle databases.

Newmont Mining ( June 2006 )

As a Consultant modified mappings, data models and asp.net application to use new data sources. Backend databases changed from Oracle to SQL Server. Asp.net application used a service oriented architecture to retrieve data.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)  (Mar 2006 – April 2006)

As an Application Architect reviewed database design, data flow, ETL and application performance in order to recommend hardware size needed for implementation of a Basel II risk management application.  Data warehouse / Basel application was implemented using Oracle 10g RAC, Informatica 7.1.3, SAS and various reporting tools.

  • Created hardware sizing test plan for benchmarking application timings in Sun Microsystem’s hardware lab.
  • Collaborated with diverse development groups to create benchmark timings on internal hardware.
  • Recommend database infrastructure changes to improve performance.
  • Recommend data modeling changes and ETL changes to improve maintainability, data quality, best practices and performance.

Time Warner Cable  ( Feb 2005 – Feb 2006 )

As a Data Warehouse Architect and Informatica/ETL consultant, architected and developed ETL software modifications for a data warehouse and associated data marts in Informatica Version 7.

  • Data modeling using Erwin
  • Source data analysis, table design using ErWin, improved cube designs for ease of loading.
  • Changed architecture and mappings as needed to improve performance.
  • Business analysis and data model design for new tables related to ETL.
  • Design and create database tables needed for application.

Johns Manville  ( June 2004 – Dec 2004 )

As an Informatica/ETL consultant, designed, modeled, developed ETL software for a data mart in Informatica. Data was sourced from Oracle databases. Data was utilized by Brio reports and fed into Elevon mainframe financial application.

  • Re-architected data flow for efficiency.
  • Created / revised data models
  • Created and maintained mappings as needed.
  • Tested application and implemented into production.
  • Data Warehouse and Data Mart design and data modeling.
  • Business analysis and data model design for new tables related to ETL.

Janus Funds  ( Feb 2004 – Sep 2004 )

Lead migration of company wide Informatica upgrade from version 5 to version 7

  • Created upgrade plan to migrate all internal applications populating data marts and data warehouse to new version.
  • Implemented upgrade plan including testing of all production mappings, sessions, workflows.
  • Modified mappings, sessions, workflows as needed to get them to work as designed in upgraded environment.

Informatica / Core Integration Partners / FBI ( Feb 2004 – Mar 2004 )

Informatica internals development. Created an advanced external procedure module to allow Informatica mappings on SUN platforms to execute PERL scripts. Functionality was needed for a project for the FBI. This module is now available as part of versions 6 & 7 of Informatica.

  • Created advanced external procedures to test PERL functionality
  • Data code interface to PERL using PERL & Informatica APIs
  • Created development environment
  • Tested external procedure.

Xcel Energy  ( June 2003 – Jan 2004)

As a Data Warehouse consultant, developed  ETL software for a new data warehouse and associated data marts in Informatica Versions 6.2.

  • Created and maintained mappings as needed.
  • Data Warehouse and Data Mart design and data modeling.
  • Business analysis and data model design for new tables related to ETL.

Morgan Stanley  ( December 2002 – May 2003 )

As an Informatica/ETL consultant, developed  ETL software for enhancement to operational datamarts in Informatica Versions 6.2 & 5.1:

  • Created and maintained mappings as needed.
  • Business analysis and data model design for new tables related to ETL.

Xcel Energy Markets  ( November 2002 )

As an Informatica/ETL consultant, lead an upgrade of ETL software to Informatica Version 6:

  • Data modeling using Oracle Designer
  • Converted ETL from Informatica PowerCenter/PowerMart Version 5.1 to Version 6.
  • Trained development team in Version 6 upgrade process and new features.
  • Test converted ETL to verify existing functionality was retained or improved.

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online  ( April 2001 – December 2002 )

As an Informatica/ETL consultant, performed in a pivotal role leading upgrade of ETL software to Informatica Version 6:

  • Converted ETL from Informatica PowerCenter/PowerMart Version 5.1 to Version 6. Changed existing mappings to take advantage of new features that improve performance.
  • Trained development team in Version 6 upgrade process and new features.
  • Modified company practices and procedures (best practices) to accommodate differences in Version 6.
  • Lead conversion of other projects to Version 6.

On an ongoing data warehouse project providing financial data to Brio reports, responsibilities included

  • Data modeling using Erwin
  • Technical mentoring of the ETL team
  • Architecting and design of data warehouse ETL processes.
  • Conversion and migration of ETL functionality from Sybase to DB2 UDB EEE databases.
  • Re-engineering of ETL to take advantage of new database design. The new database has a different data model and the ETL required significant re-work. It is also significantly larger (250 GB vs. 50 GB).

As part of a data conversion and performance improvement project, implemented improvements to the ETL by,

  • Created new batches that utilized parallelism better.
  • Analyzed and tested scheduling strategies to fine tune our Informatica batches.
  • Replaced lookups in mappings with join conditions.
  • Broke up complicated slow mapping into multiple mapping that ran much faster and could be run in parallel.
  • Analyzed usage and cached vs. noncached lookups and made changes as needed.
  • Simplified mappings by removing unneeded objects.
  • Removed ‘default’ setting for ports in expression transformations.
  • Minimized the usage of iif statements and other logical processing in mappings where practical.
  • Used monitoring tools in UNIX and the database as part of the tuning process. ( top, sar, dbArtisan, sp_monitor, sp_sysmon)
  • Reviewed hardware architecture and recommended changes.
  • Cleaned up mappings to not create lengthy log files by turning off verbose logging and getting rid of warning messages.
  • Used perl and shell scripts to pre-process data in UNIX.
  • Implemented a partitioning strategy similar to Informatica’s partitioning in version 5 to increase parallelism.
  • Implemented documentation standards and practices to make mappings easier to maintain.
  • Implemented design improvements that provided increased scalability of the target data mart. These included the increased parallelism mentioned above to allow sessions to be spread across all available processors. This scalability proved crucial in allowing enterprise wide usage of the data mart.
  • Converted the ETL code-base from PowerCenter 1.7.2 to PowerCenter 5.1.
  • Created a method using the existing version control process to work with Informatica PowerCenter 5.1 and XML. This process allowed complete change management and version control of Informatica mappings. In addition the new process streamlined and automated the process of promoting Informatica code from development to production.
  • Participated in DB2 EEE physical and logical database design and implementation in addition to systems architecture design.
  • Assist the front-end Brio development efforts when necessary.

Technical mentoring of junior team members and was responsible for their growth and progression as employees.

Gateway Computers/Price Waterhouse Coopers ( September 2000 – March 2001 )

As an Informatica/ETL Consultant,

  • Designed and implemented Informatica ETL mappings for near real time data warehouses for Gateway Computers using Informatica’s PowerCenter 1.6. Target database was Oracle 8i on Sun E10000 hardware running Sun UNIX. Three warehouse systems were involved storing 50, 1200, and 130 gigabytes of data each.
  • Wrote PL/SQL, perl, shell, SQL, and Informatica scripts as needed. Acted as a mentor to more junior developers training them on Informatica and guiding the project’s use of ‘Best Practices’ for Informatica and ETL. Maintained data model using Erwin.
  • Created ETL to run at highest possible speed to be able to have one of the warehouses refreshed every half hour. Created cron based scheduling system of all mappings, batches and ETL scripts in perl and shell.
  • Created Informatica mappings that sourced data from some unusual sources: MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Access databases, ODBC and flat file reports as well as mainframe and relational databases (22 source systems in all – 59 source tables).
  • Created and archival process to make sure that storage needs were minimized and that data could easily be reloaded if necessary from archives.

Bureau of Land Management ( August 1999 – August 2000 )

DBA/Informatica Development

  • Design and Maintain Informatica PowerMart mappings for extraction, transformation and load (ETL) between Oracle, Informix and Sybase IQ databases.
  • Administered Informatica repositories and Informatica server running on UNIX.
  • Performed performance and tuning functions on Informatica sessions, batches and other related scripts.
  • Created scripts to detect, report and repair errors occurring during nightly ETL processing.
  • Upgraded Informatica PowerMart software from version 4.5 to 4.6.2. Trained new developers on Informatica basics.
  • DBA for Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ and Informix databases.
  • Data Modeling and Database Design using Sybase’s Power Designer – Warehouse Architect software. Used Warehouse Architect to maintain our Data Dictionary.
  • Upgraded Brio software from 5.5 to 6.
  • Assisted developers writing SQL.
  • Wrote and maintained Perl scripts. Upgraded Perl from 2.3 to 2.6. Used Perl’s DBI interface to access databases directly.
  • Reduced time to refresh data mart from over 170 hours to 48 hours through performance improvements in mappings.
  • Hardware: Sun E10000 running Solaris 2.6, IBM J50s running AIX.
  • Databases: Informix, Oracle, Sybase.
  • Size: 30 Gigabyte warehouse.

Telecommunications Inc.(TCI), became AT&T Broadband ( December 1998 – August 1999 )

Sybase DBA/Developer

  • Provided database administration and application support for a Sybase based accounting application. Interfaced application to Oracle Financials software.

Encore Media Group ( May 1998 – November 1998 )

Sybase DBA/Data Modeler

  • Prototyped replication of Sybase database from HPUX to MS NT and Win95 databases for a mobile computing solution.
  • Redesigned an existing database to support data warehousing.
  • Data modeling using Erwin.
  • Performed production DBA functions for 14 Sybase databases.

TCI ( July 1997 – December 1998 )

Sybase DBA/Developer

  • Provided database administration and application support for a Sybase based accounting application. Used Erwin for data modeling and data warehouse design.

Caleel-Hayden ( March – April 1998 )

MS SQL Server DBA (3/98 – 4/98)

  • Redesigned database and related stored procedures on an order entry system. Upgraded server from version 6. to 6.5.

Automated Packaging ( June – July 1997 )

Sybase DBA/ETL Developer

  • Wrote extraction, transformation and load (ETL) scripts and stored procedures in SQL to replicate data between Dun & Bradstreet financial application and PowerCerv manufacturing software.

Eastman Software ( May 1997 )

Sybase, Oracle and MS SQL Server DBA/Developer

  • Performance and Tuning (5/97) Tuned Sybase, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server for best performance on NT operating system for graphics software product.

KN Energy ( February 1997 – April 1997 )

Sybase/MS SQL Server DBA

  • Production Sybase database administration. Maintained 300+ databases on 9 Sybase servers. Provided database support for conversion of Dun & Bradstreet application from version 3.0 to version 4.1.

Cyprus Amax ( July 1996 – February 1997 )

Sybase, Oracle DBA

  • Production database administration in Sybase 11.3 and Oracle 7.3. Worked with Dun & Bradstreet financial application on HPUX. Assisted developers with PL/SQL programming.

US West ( May 1996 – July 1996 )

Sybase DBA

  • Database administration of Sybase system 11 and Sybase IQ servers on Sun E5000/Solaris systems for data warehouse project.
  • Migrated data from existing Teradata and other legacy systems to Sybase system 11 and data marts using Sybase IQ.
  • Used Perl and awk to create automated data transformation (ETL) and replication.

TCI ( December 1994 – May 1996)

Sybase DBA/Database Conversion Developer

  • Logical and physical database design for conversion of existing corporate database from Universe/Pick to Sybase and Oracle on HPUX systems.
  • Used Erwin, Power Designer and Deft for design work. Created stored procedures, triggers, tables, indexes, rules, etc. as needed to support extraction, transformation and load (ETL) processes. Created a replication process to keep re-engineered database in sync with legacy database.
  • Designed database for Intranet application to collect and report on corporate data.

IBM ( June 1994 – October 1994 )

Oracle DBA

  • Logical and physical Oracle 7.2 database design using Erwin for document processing system on HPUX and AIX. Wrote Pro*C and PL/SQL interfaces for data access. Installed and maintained Oracle software as needed.

J P Morgan ( January 1994 – June 1994 )

Sybase DBA

  • Logical and physical Sybase database design in Erwin for data warehouse used by a securities lending application.
  • Trained programmers and other DBAs in use of Erwin CASE tool and Powerbuilder.
  • Consulted on various database administration topics with other departments. Sun/Unix environment.

AT&T ( April 1993 – December 1993 )

Sybase DBA

  • Performed DBA functions on 6 Sybase SQL servers.
  • Tuned Sybase databases for faster performance. Wrote stored procedures and triggers for new application functionality.
  • Accessed DB2 and IMS databases via stored RPC calls to Sybase Open Servers. Installed beta version of MS SQL Server. Wrote SQR reports.
  • Data modeling using Erwin. Installed SybTCL package.
  • Created numerous shell and SQL scripts for new application software installations.

Additional Professional Experience ( October 1979 – March 1993)

This section lists experience prior to the last 10 years. Details of this period time will be gladly provided on request.

Tasks Performed

  • Application programming in C/C++
  • Vax development
  • Data Network Protocol Implementation

(SNA, ISDN, X.25etc.)

  • Cobol data processing
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Software QA
  • Reporting Tools
  • OLAP Development
  • HW/SW interface design
  • Software Engineering
  • Configuration Management
  • Application Design
  • Unix streams development
  • UNIX Scripting
  • Database Administration
  • GUI Design


  • Tetrad ( Medical Imaging )
  • HB Associates ( Windows Development )
  • Adia ( Telecommunications )
  • CMIS ( Commodities )
  • McData Corporation (Data Networks)
  • BCRC ( Computer Training )
  • Dutch PTT ( Telecommunications )
  • Schneider Associates ( Real Estate )
  • Mainstay Software ( OLAP tools )
  • State of Colorado ( Government )
  • Rocky Mountain Bank Card

( Credit Card Processing )

  • AT&T Bell Laboratories

( Network Protocols )


  • Business – University of Phoenix – 1984
  • Computer Science – University of Colorado – 1981

Professional Classes (taken within the past three years)

  • Informatica World 2001, 2002
  • Informatica – Development, Administration Certification
  • Brio – Overview, JavaScript, Custom Application Development
  • SAS – Enterprise Miner
  • Oracle World 2001

Professional Organizations

  • Informatica Users Group
  • Sybase User Group
  • International Oracle Users Group -Americas
  • Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group